Zallys Ranger Max T

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Zallys Range Max T


Zallys R-MAX T – A new generation of electric power vehicles projected for a wide range of applications.  Silent, without emissions, no vibrations, no engine noise and minimal maintenance is suitable for indoor and outdoor tasks respecting the constant quality standards of all Zallys products. The R-MAX T is designed to be very simple, easy to manoeuvre and able to carry up to 400 Kg. It is the best solution even in narrow spaces. The swivel tiller head is made with a safety sensor which allows to work only in the presence of assigned personnel. It is suitable to work in any kind of internal/external or on uneven ground situation.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Compact design
Allows access to tight confined spaces that other equipment cannot access. Easy storage.
  • No licence required
Anyone who has had a quick training session can use the unit. No costly down time waiting for a licensed operator.
  • No emissions
Can be used in confined spaces with no threat of fumes.
  • Power Drive
Allows users to easily manoeuvre the unit and load with no manual effort.
  • Transaxle drive
No maintenance, all units are sealed in an oil bath with no chain.
  • Key start controls
Provides security for others in a public area and prevents untrained staff using the unit.
  • Sealed Electrics
Can be used outdoors, you can even hose the unit down when cleaning.
  • Dead Man switch
The unit will only operate if the switch is activated ensuring movement only occurs when you want it to.
  • Can be used on 30% incline
Move up to 200kgs on inclines others can’t handle.
  • Large variety of tops available
No matter what you need to move, we can custom design and manufacture the right top for you.
  • Tip Assist
No need to manually tilt heavy loads, tip assist takes over making it easy and safe.
  • Automatic park brake
Ensures unit is safely held in place while stationary, even on ramps.
  • Standby mode
After no activity for five minutes the unit shuts down to save the batteries.
  • Plug and play design
No lengthy down time, all parts are easily replaced to get you moving quicker.
  • Three wheeled design
Handles uneven surfaces better than any other design


Capacity 400kg
Towing Capacity 3000kg
Speed 4.5 Km/h
Incline 15%

Accessories & Customs

Part Number Description Image
E505.710 Slow/fast switch
E506.750 Key Pad On/Off
A030.700 Platform 695 x 1250 x 230mm
A031.700 Platform 885 x 1250 x 230mm
A031.715 Platform 800 x 1250 x 630mm
A031.720 Platform 885 x 1250 x 620mm


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500kg capacity all terrain electric powered vehicle.

All Zallys vehicles are produced with high quality materials and are CE certified.

Ultra stable four wheeled design makes the JESPI unique for that awkward position. With a low deck height and the manoeuvrability of steer wheels the JESPI does were no other trolley can.

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Zallys JESPI L –  It is a 4-wheel motorised trolley with a load capacity up to 600 kg, that can be equipped with a large number of load cages and platforms. It is suitable for the cleaning of large parks, gardens, in the handling of material or goods stocked in pallets, or, as often used in airports and stations for luggage or goods transport, and versatile for many other work situations. The swivel tiller head is made with a safety sensor which allows to work only in the presence of assigned personnel. Also available with heavy duty axles to load up to 1000 kg.

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