Some reason to choose battery powered propulsion:

  • Electric propulsion is environmentally friendly: safe and clean.
  • Can be used safely indoors due to no emissions and silent operation.
  • The transmission of all our machines are sealed and oil bath, there are no chains.
  • All electrical and electronic parts are sealed and watertight.
  • The batteries are specifically matched to the machine, specially designed to support the most possible charging cycles.
  • Our machines are always available to use, extremely flexible and easy to use with no license required.
  • Our vehicles are designed to work up to an 8 hour day on flat grounds, or less if used on ramps up to 30%. We select our products for ease of use and ensure our motor and battery combinations get the longest run time per charge.
  • All products require low maintenance to ensure they are available for use when you need them.


Frequently asked questions


Does the battery capacity depend on the motor power?

According to the power consumption of our machines we will always match the capacity of the battery to get the longest run time for the power output.


Are your vehicles suitable to be used on rough terrain?

Warequip has a range of products to suit off road applications. An 800w motor is supposed to consume up to 12A on flat grounds and 10 times more on ramps, wet ground or with heavy loads. For this reason we feel it’s very important to understand where the end user has to use our vehicles to find the most suitable solution.


Your vehicles are standard with lead acid batteries. Is it dangerous for the health and environment in case of overturning?

We select our batteries with safety in mind, in case of overturning the acid won’t leak out from the batteries for the first 10 minutes. We always recycle used or damaged batteries by sending them to authorised centers.


What kind of maintenance is required on the batteries?

Daily: check the level of battery charge which you can see on the battery level indicator located on the control panel. The batteries need to be regularly charge to ensure they keep there voltage. Their maintenance is negligible and only a 3-monthly fill up of electrolyte is requested.


What is the main difference between acid and gel batteries?

Our standard acid batteries are designed to support up to 1200 charging cycles (= 3-4 years use) while the gel version can support more or less 600 cycles (half). Gel batteries are however recommended for indoor use (hospitals, airports, etc.) or when goods are shipped by sea or air.


How long does it take to charge the batteries?

We recommend recharging the batteries once the battery level indicator shows 20-40% charge left. Do not run the batteries flat as it impacts the total amount of cycles a battery can take (cause of premature failure). Standard charging time is 6-8 hours; we can shorten this time if required.


Why do Warequip vehicles have a drive train system?

The drive train system is essential to give our machines great maneuverability and at the same time consume less power (for example when turning around with no speed, zero consumption).


What types of wheels are available for Warequip machines?

Traction is the most important element for our machines. Our vehicles are equipped with big wheels that guarantee a great imprint and therefore grip. According to our customers need, antipuncture wheels filled up with silicone or foam are available, they do not have any impact on the flexibility and comfort of our vehicles.


Is the electronic system of Warequip machines reliable?

We equip our vehicles with high quality electronic system controls that are much more powerful than the real needs of each vehicle.


Are the vehicles easy to use?

Yes, very intuitive and easy. A manual with operating instructions for each machine is supplied at delivery. If needed, a specific training session can be provided free of charge.


Do Warequip units go up and down ramps?

Yes, we have solutions for Tugs and Powered trolleys to suit ramps up to 30%. All of our units have braking systems to ensure safe descending.


Why are there different wheel configurations on the Flatbed trolleys?

Warequip has helped customers solve their issues in many different industries. The wheel configuration helps us recommend the best option to ensure customers improve productivity and safety. The centre drive gives the best turning circle and the lightest steering but is mainly used on level surfaces. When the drive is located at the end of the trolley it allows for good maneuverability in uneven areas such as speed bumps, spoon drains and steep ramps.


I have multiple trolleys to move, do I need multiple tugs to tow them all?

No, in most cases we can provide a hitch to suit multiple trolleys; it’s even possible to move many trolleys at the same time.


How does the after sale service work?

Spare parts are available for at least 5 years after the date of purchase.