Move airport luggage trolleys with Zallys M9

Unlike fixed equipment that can’t be moved around easily and unlike forklift with their high training and maintenance costs; Zallys electric tugs can be moved from one place to the other with ease by one single operator without any effort. Moreover, tugs neither need a license to be driven, nor periodic maintenance. All these aspects allow us to say that Zallys is a long-term investment that allow saving money in years.

Cochin Airport in India has the Zallys M9 to handle a row of luggage trolleys. Thanks to the M9 electric tug, the number of operators has been reduced from 4 to 1, thus significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency.



Electric solution for the environment

The Zallys range are electrically powered and have a guaranteed performance, this means that we’re helping reducing emissions and create more sustainable logistics operations even in close and crowded places like airports.

Ideal for busy and congested places

In busy airports, prioritizing safety and reliability is crucial when handling loads. The Zallys tug ensures smooth and efficient operations, promoting maximum safety for both operators and nearby individuals.

High performances

Zallys M9 can also be equipped with a remote-control driving system, becoming an optimal solution for many. This allows the operator to control the direction of carts while conducting the machine from a distance. With a strong towing capacity of 3000kg, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use!

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