Powered Housekeeping

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Powered 6189 Rubbermaid Maids cart with central wheel drive.

The unit is fitted with the Turnmates powered drive system with central drive wheels to make manoeuvrability and operation simple.

Designed to transport linen and cleaning agents in Hotels/Motels/Apartments and mine camp sites with ease.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • 6189 Cart
Industry standard maids cart with two bags and ample storage space.
  • Central drive wheel
Turns on the drive wheels, very easy to steer even in tight areas.
  • Rubber lined deck
Non slip surface to secure your valuable goods.
  • No licence required
Anyone who has had a quick training session can use the unit. No costly down time waiting for a licensed operator.
  • Intuitive controls
Easy to use, staff are comfortable using the unit.
  • No emissions
Can be used in confined spaces with no threat of fumes.
  • Power Drive
Allows users to easily manoeuvre the unit and load with minimal manual effort.
  • Transaxle drive
No maintenance, all units are sealed in an oil bath with no chain.
  • Key start controls
Provides security for others in a public area and prevents untrained staff using the unit.
  • Back off Button
The unit will stop and move away from the user if the button is activated, avoids damage to the unit and more importantly safety for the user.
  • Large variety of tops available
No matter what you need to move, we can custom design and manufacture the right top for you.
  • Automatic park brake
Ensures unit is safely held in place while stationary, even on ramps.
  • Brake override
If the unit is disabled you can override the park brake to get to a serviceable area.
  • Duel paddle control
Allows easy use with either left or right hands.
  • Intelligent design
Allows access to tight confined spaces that other equipment cannot access. Easy storage.
  • Plug and play design
No lengthy down time, all parts are easily replaced to get you moving quicker.
  • Six wheeled design
Ensures load stability.


Capacity: 175kg
Dimensions: 1524 l x 559 w x 1270 h mm
Unit Weight: 100kg
Wheels: 2 x 250mm semi pneumatic, 4 x 125mm urethane
Handle Height: 1050mm

Accessories & Customs

Part Number Description Image
Horn Horn – button mounted on controls with buzzer
Flashing Light Flashing Light – mounted on a pole at 1800mm
Flashing Light
Rain Cover Rain Cover
Rain Cover
9T90 Fabric 9 Pocket tool organiser
9T91 Fabric mesh linen bag
9T81 Compact fabric replacement bag


Product Part Number Description Image View
Powered Steel Housekeeping P20GO6189

The Powered Maids Cart is specifically designed for mining camps.

The unit is fitted with the Turnmates powered drive system with either central or end mounted drive wheels to make manoeuvrability and operation simple.

The unit is equipped with provisions for bags, bumpers and has ample storage space, cup holders, broom holders, folder holder and area to hold a vacuum.

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Powered platform trolley with a cage that opens on 2 sides, front wheel drive. Another model in the huge range of powered materials handling solutions, including electric trolleys, powered hand trucks and electric tugs.

Removable cage sides.

Used to transport large amounts of goods that are big and bulky and require a cage to help keep the product on board.

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