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Since it is so light and easy to handle, the aluminium Poweo® 200 hoist is a real innovation.

Very light, since it is made of aluminium, the Poweo® 200 can be folded onto itself. Since it is so easy to handle and

does not take up too much space, it is particularly adapted to health institutions.

The Poweo® 200 is a compact hoist which can handle all kinds of transfers. It can be used with a large range of sling

adapted to the pathology and morphology of the patient.

The Poweo® 200 has an exclusive function which stops and starts raising and lowering progressively so as to avoid jolts.

With its modern design and soft curves, the Poweo® 200 valorises the hospital environment and helps to create a professional and comfortable climate.

Its lightness and agronomy makes the entire transfer operation easy to handle.

The hoist may be entirely cleaned and disinfected with standard detergents while following official hygiene protocols.

Made in France, the home of healthcare

Features & Benefits


  • Extremely easy to manoeuvre
  • Electrical opening of the base
  • Lift patient from floor
  • Mechanical and electrical emergency lowering
  • Integrated medical weighting system
  • Low base available to fit under wheelchairs, beds or bathtubs



A Red Carpet preventative service package is available for this product



Weighing capacity 200 kg
Number of lifts 90 cycles with the maximum charge
Material Aluminium and steel
Lifting jack 24 V – 10 A


Battery NiMH 24 V – 3.3 AH
Front wheels 50 MM
Rear wheels 100 MM
Cleaning All standard disinfection products
Lubrication Not required for any part
Preventive control Once a year- cf EEC regulation

 Aluminium Low Base
Folded legs width outside 79.9 cm 79.9 cm
Outspread legs width outside 153 cm 153 cm
Overall length folded 153 cm 153 cm
Overall length in use 131.1 cm 131.1 cm
Maximum height while unfolded 51.5 cm 49.2 cm
Maximum height in use 200.9 cm 200.9 cm
Max height in use -Weighing version 200.9 cm 200.9 cm
Height under suspension 174 cm 174 cm
Legs height 11.2 cm 6.9 cm
Space under legs 4.2 cm 2.2 cm
Total weight 40.3 kg 46.8 kg

Accessories & Customs

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