Zallys M22

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Zallys M22


Zallys M22 – M22 is the electric solution for manual order picking. Ideal for warehouses, stores, hypermarkets, food & beverages warehouses. Maximum loading capacity on flat grounds 450 kg  in total. Max speed 5 km/h – 3.1 mph. It is standard equipped with 2 x 12 v gel batteries for a daily use up to 8 hours

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Compact design
Allows access to tight confined spaces that other equipment cannot access. Easy storage.
  • No licence required
Anyone who has had a quick training session can use the unit. No costly down time waiting for a licensed operator.
  • No emissions
Can be used in confined spaces with no threat of fumes.
  • Power Drive
Allows users to easily manoeuvre the unit and load with no manual effort.
  • Transaxle drive
No maintenance, all units are sealed in an oil bath with no chain.
  • Key start controls
Provides security for others in a public area and prevents untrained staff using the unit.
  • Sealed Electrics
Can be used outdoors, you can even hose the unit down when cleaning.
  • Back off Button
The unit will stop and move away from the user if the button is activated, avoids damage to the unit and more importantly safety for the user.
  • Change the layback on the tug
Adjust the layback to make the footprint smaller or use it to easily hitch up to your trolley.
  • Large variety of hitches available
No matter what you need to move, we can custom design and manufacture the right hitch for you.
  • Adjustable Tiller handle
Allows ergonomic position for all personnel.
  • Automatic park brake
Ensures unit is safely held in place while stationary, even on ramps.
  • Standby mode
After no activity for five minutes the unit shuts down to save the batteries.
  • Duel paddle control
Allows easy use with either left or right hands.
  • Plug and play design
No lengthy down time, all parts are easily replaced to get you moving quicker.
  • Non Marking Tyres
Use the unit anywhere without marking the floor.


Speed 4.5km/h
Capacity 450kg
Incline 20%

Accessories & Customs

Part Number Description Image
E505.710 Slow/Fast Switch
E506.750 Key pad On/Off



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