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As the first Low/High mobile patient lift, Brewer LiftMateTM is a safety-enhancing, step-saving solution that helps prevent
patient falls and assists patients on to and off of any standard exam table or elevated procedural surface quickly, easily and safely.
It rolls through doorways, down hallways and works with any exam table – yes, even yours. What’s more, a single device allows
you to service multiple rooms. Get the upside of a power table without the downside of a power table price with the Brewer
LiftMateTM Low/High Patient Lift.

Made in USA


Features & Benefits


  • Brewer LiftMateTM lifts up to 226 kg and works at the foot or side of any exam table, bed or elevated procedural surface.
  • Brewer LiftMate reaches a height of 10 inches. That is 2 inches taller than your average table step.
  • Hand rails with grips help keep the patient safe and secure while Brewer LiftMAte is in motion.
  • Intuitive hand pendant makes operating Brewer LiftMate easy, safe and efficient.
  • With a large platform and grated step, a patient will be able to safely get on and off Brewer LiftMate
  • Brewer LiftMate is solid and stable while in use. Castors will only engage when button is held down
  • Emergency stops on either side are available if LiftMate motion continues after button is released.
  • Large non-slip platform surface
  • Two emergency stop buttons
  • Non-slip grab bars for patient stability and positioning
  • Four auto-lock rubber feet for stability
  • Four retractable swivel casters prevent rolling during use
  • Convenient hand pendant for easy operation
  • Powered by rechargeable battery
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Smooth movement for enhanced patient security
  • Quiet actuators for patient comfort
  • Large platform with ample room for patient positioning
  • Easy access for walkers
  • Designed to prevent patient falls


  • Works with any exam table – regardless of age or brand
  • Handheld controls – operate Brewer LiftMate from either side of the device
  • Battery operated – easily integrates into any exam room
  • 226 kg weight capacity – same as a standard exam table
  • Mobile and maneuverable – casters allow device to be moved in any direction on tile or carpet
  • Fits through doorways and down hallways
  • Lightweight yet heavy-duty – sturdy construction that remains easy to move
  • Auto-lock rubber feet prevent device from moving while in use – convenient and secure
  • Easy-to-use movile device
  • Reduces need to assist patients onto exam tables
  • Protects employees from workplace hazards



A Red Carpet preventative service package is available for this product


  • Height: 36” – 46″
  • Depth (outer dimensions): 21.5″
  • Width (outer dimensions): 33.25″
  • Depth (platform): 17.75″
  • Width (platform): 21.25″
  • Width (between grab bars): 27.75″


  • 115 VAC. 60Hz
  • Current in: 6.0 amp max
  • Class II insulated
  • Safe, extra-low voltage actuators


  • Lead Acid Sealed Battery
  • 1.2 amp-hour capacity
  • Rechargeable
  • Light/Audible signal to indicate low battery charge

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