Powered Tilt Truck

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Driven by a powerful DC motor, powered by sealed, zero-maintenance batteries. Will stay in tilted position for easy loading / unloading. Easy access to the motor and batteries. Optional lid available. 3 Models to choose from.

Waste removal. Linen removal.


Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Compact design
Allows access to tight confined spaces that other equipment cannot access. Easy storage.
  • No licence required
Anyone who has had a quick training session can use the unit. No costly down time waiting for a licensed operator.
  • No emissions
Can be used in confined spaces with no threat of fumes.
  • Power Drive
Allows users to easily manoeuvre the unit and load with no manual effort.
  • Made from Structural Foam
Durable and easy to clean
  • Key start controls
Provides security for others in a public area and prevents untrained staff using the unit.
  • Sealed Electrics
Can be used outdoors, you can even hose the unit down when cleaning.
  • Stays in tilted position
Easy to load and unload
  • Easy access to motor and batteries
Easy to service and maintain
  • Operational lid available
Can be sealed for secure transport
  • Tip Assist
No need to manually tilt heavy loads, tip assist takes over making it easy and safe.
  • Automatic park brake
Ensures unit is safely held in place while stationary, even on ramps.
  • Standby mode
After no activity for five minutes the unit shuts down to save the batteries.
  • Plug and play design
No lengthy down time, all parts are easily replaced to get you moving quicker.
  • Stable
The four wheel design keeps the unit stable even when fully loaded.


3 Models to choose from view Product PDF for full specification.

Accessories & Customs

Part Number Description Image
Horn Horn – button mounted on controls with buzzer
Flashing Light Flashing Light
Flashing Light


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Powered platform trolley with a cage that opens on 2 sides, front wheel drive. Another model in the huge range of powered materials handling solutions, including electric trolleys, powered hand trucks and electric tugs.

Removable cage sides.

Used to transport large amounts of goods that are big and bulky and require a cage to help keep the product on board.

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The heavy duty BarrowMate is a powerful battery powered wheel barrow specifically designed to make tasks like landscaping and yard clean ups safer and easier. The BarrowMate also come with hydraulic bucket tip to avoid strains.

Even at the most challenging building sites with wet soft ground or slopes the BarrowMate can handle it.


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